LEICHT kitchens are modern in the best sense of the word.

Truly good design and good taste are always current, always relevant. Quiet, muted colours determine the image of the modern LEICHT kitchen. The setup gains expression and life through an ingenious combination of colours, materials and a sophisticated surface feel. Authenticity and a sense of the natural are important aspects of modern kitchen architecture, as conceived by the House of LEICHT.

Authorised LEICHT kitchen dealers transform this ethos into individual plans to suit the requirements of the customer.

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Leicht - Honolulu

Tel  (808) 356-2626

Playing with colour and Material, Materials and colors accentuate the room architecture. The particularly natural-looking antique oak decor with visible knots, cracks and tangible grain brings to life the handle-less tall unit run. The island block, the transition to the living area, is the perfect contrast in its two colors.

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